Request for arbitrarion

Success of adjudication  of disputes depends on type of legal assistance chosen by a plaintiff. If you deputize a professional lawyer from our law firm, you will avoid a lot of problems and hidden pitfalls, lying in wait for people,  inexpert in litigation.  Lawyers of “Digest of Justinian” law firm have huge practice,  high qualification, know subtle juridical aspects . This will provide qualified legal support from composing  exaction to supporting the matter in a court.

First of all you should make the case. When you appeal to us and discuss the problem with a specialist. You will take thorough consultation about a form of application, documents, adjoined to the case, itemization of plaintiff’s claim and many other important questions.

Court is sensitive to plaints lacking legal literacy and competence. During legal investigation personality of plaintiff has significant importance. Well-reasoned and continuous line of thought,  polite reaction to defendant`s  insults can significantly increase the  chances of success

Filing of a complaint is preceded by laborious preliminary work.  You should choose judicial instance, where you will submit papers.  Arbitrability can be chosen  on the basis of section № 36, 37, 38 of APC of Russian Federation.

It  can be contractual or exclusive.

A lawyer will help you to investigate if your rights have been violated, whether you are interested party and what the interest is.

Cost of service

Service description Cost
1. Conduct of a judicial contest in arbitration courts of Saint-Petersburg from 35 000 rub
2. Conduct of a judicial contest in arbitration courts of Moscow from 50 000 rub
3. Conduct of a judicial contest in arbitration courts in regions of Russian Federation from 50 000 rub

When all nuances are sorted, a lawyer explores a  possibility of pre-trial dispute resolution, without transferringthe case to court. An experienced lawyer will find a bare possibility to settle the case amicably, thus releasing his client from court costs. If a court is to take place, a complaint is composed and sent to a defendant at the domicile. Certainly, this course of a business should be appropriately documented in a plaint.

Now the court will resolve a dispute. A plaint, completed according to the requirements of the legislation, with documentary evidence and receipt for payment of fees attached, should be sent to a court registry. “Digest of Justinian” doesn`t conceal from its clients course of work with documents and why a particular document is needed. Openness, honesty, mutual understanding, meaningful dialogue are main ideas of effective work a law firm conducts with a plaintiff. Assistance of a lawyer in a proper  settling of a plaint is  half the victory in a following court trial.

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