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Civil practice lawyer – legal advice on civil cases

Every year more and more people need help of an experienced lawyer who is aware of civil laws and will help to solve conflicts developed. Misconception and controversion may arise between you and employer, builder, contractor, bargainer or even your relatives and friends. Its late determination often leads to judicial trial, which requires financial placement and can last for an indefinite period.

In such situations it is important to make right choice: whether carry out a juridical battle on your own, relying on your surface knowledge of jus, or entrust a matter to an experienced lawyer, who has successfully solved such cases more than once.

The law firm “Digest of Justinian” provides the following services:

  • Recovery of moral or property damage, book debt recovery, contestation of acts of state agencies, non-property controversy, tax controversy;
  • retrial of a case, reopened under any circumstances;
  • settling legal papers of different types (petitions, gravamens, predications etc);
  • establishment of facts of legal significance;
  • settling legal opinion;
  • recovery of the contractual documentation;
  • contract management for any company;
  • advisory service in written form or viva voice;
  • protection of clients interests and rights in law-enforcement agencies, state agencies and oversight authorities of different levels;
  • negotiations with clients, business partners or rivals;
  • termination of a contract on a different basis;
  • coordination and supervision of works of maintenance of share register;
  • litigation support in each and every jurisdiction;
  • protection of organizations statutory interest and observance of legitimacy of its activity;
  • ensuring of stock issues and developing of constitutional instruments;legal support to all organizations transactions;
  • interpretation of legislation in power in any matter;
  • Controversion of legal entities on pecuniary matter, declaration of ownership;
  • Effective practice of pre-trial deciding the difference;
  • Representing legal entities in arbitration court;
  • Our lawyer surgically comes to a clients office if some organization suddenly makes audit of his activities.

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If you apply to us in time, it will help to solve your problem faster and easier!

Cost of service

Service description Cost
1. advisory service viva voice from 1 500 rub
2. composing complaint from 5 000 rub
3. composing statement of action from 15 000 rub
4. composing petition for appeal from 15 000 rub
5. representation in court from 35 000 rub

A lawyer, experienced in conduction of  cases in civil law, will release you from studying standing laws which govern property or non-property relations. The only thing required from you is to state your case honestly and in full details, so that your lawyer can find the most effective way to solve it. You also should remember, that if you apply to a specialist in civil law for juridical help  in time, it will reduce  your court fees and keep you from unnecessary affection and shock, especially if a  matter can be solved without interference of the Supreme Court

Our specialist can approve effective juridical strategy, which generally allows to achieve results in favor of a client. We have been working in a sphere of civil law for a long time and have a big experience in successful conducting of cases, even complicated ones, which other law firms refused to deal with. If you have faced a conflict or other problem and need an urgent assistance of experienced lawyer, “Digest of Justinian”  company is pleased to offer you its services.

A lot of companies have been collaborating with us permanently for a long time. Don’t  delay right decision-making – apply to “Digest of Justinian” for help, and we will do everything  in our power to solve your problem.

Civil law includes wide range of human relations in matters of private property, commodity-money transactions, honor and dignity protection, intellectual property and many other aspects.  On that basis we can conclude, that this branch is considered to be one of the most important for every individual.

Explain rights and responsibilities of all litigators, clarify any question, analyze the situation, make effective and consistent action plan to restore violated rights – this is what civil practice lawyer can do.

We have been providing services of a lawyer in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg for many years and have won clients respect and gratitude. On our account there is great number of successfully conducted cases, including those other law firms refused to deal with because of their complexity. Our civil practice lawyers are ready to offer you all their skill and knowledge, as well as invaluable experience for efficient and effective solution of any legal issues in the area of civil law.

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