Legal support to business activities

The law firm “Digest of Justinian” renders services to private entrepreneurs and commercial firms. We offer several types of collaboration.


Cost 15 000 rub \ per month

  •  Interactive Individual consultation, the total duration 10 hours
  • Juristic analyst or settling legal papers of different types (gravamens, complaints, submissions etc) but no more than  three in a month
  • Settling internal  statutory documents (statute, instructions, provisions, orders,  acts)  but no more than  three in a month
  • Interactive Individual consultation (20 hours) or a lawyer works directly in your office for 2 full-time working days (16 hours)


Cost 20 000 rub\ per month

  • Working out and settling legal papers (gravamens, complaints, submissions etc). Total number of documents:  no more than  five
  • Settling and processing internal  statutory documents, including those connected to personnel affairs (orders, instructions, provisions etc.) to 5 documents in a month

Cost 35 000 rub per month

  • 40 hours of on-line consultations or a lawyer works directly in your office for 4 full-time working days
  • Juristic analyst or settling legal papers (complaints, submissions, gravamens, claims etc) — 10 documents in a month
  • 10 consultations in written form or viva voice monthly


Cost 65 000 rub per month

  • A lawyer comes to your office for 6 full-time working days in a month
  • Juristic analyst and settling legal papers. Turnaround time and number of papers is determined according to business hours of a lawyer
  • advisory service in written form or viva voice. Time and number of consultations papers is determined according business hours of a specialist
  • Participation in negotiations, transaction support, protection of company`s interests at various authorities. The scope of work is determined according to stated hours of service of the company.
  • Judicial examination at arbitration court or regular court without the presence ofa lawyer at a court


Cost 250 000 rub|per month

This is the best variant of collaboration, as The “Digest of Justinian” law firm provides entire legal advice and bookkeeping to your business and on a client’s first demand send a full-time specialist to solve problems of legal nature 
Integrated approach, unlike variant when a lawyer comes privately in the matter of a specific question, provides an astute and thorough analysis of a situation 
We perform full legal advice and bookkeeping to a company`s activity, so that you won`t be distracted by solving problems of legal competence.
Integrated approach in legal advice of business is not only convenient, but also very advantageous. Total price of all legal and accounting services separately is much higher, than execution of an agreement about full maintenance of commercial activities. Successful result is provided by joint efforts of lawyers from different branches of law. We are ready to settle the most complicated situations, even if at first sight they seem hopeless.
Please, keep in mind that whichever variant of collaboration you choose, you always can address to our specialists – you just have to call the hotline
If service you are interested in is not spelled out in a basis contract, our specialists will work out and present to you an additional agreement.

If you accept our offer of mutually beneficial co-operation, you will get reliable and expert partner on provides legal advice and bookkeeping of a business.
Suggested variant of a service has a limit of service companies for the quoted price depending on company`s amount of financial turnover, number of employees and number of judicial proceedings per month.

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